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We Have Your Perfect Bike!

Your perfect bike is one that fits your lifestyle, your riding style, and your body. Our trained staff will work with you to pick the perfect bike for you — the one you’ll ride with pleasure for years to come.

We believe that bicycle fitting is one of the most critical considerations when buying a bicycle. We want you to come in and test as many bikes as you like. We don’t sell online because even experienced bicyclists don’t always know how a bike is going to “feel” to them.

That’s not to say that we won’t order you something special once you know which one is your perfect bike!

And if you already know exactly which bike you want you can order it online. When it comes we can help you get it set up and ready to ride.


Road bikes are designed to be ridden primarily on pavement for recreation, fitness, and speed. These are the bikes you see everywhere from the Tour de France to the group road ride at your local bike shop. Road bike technology has developed at a rapid pace, and new bikes are lighter, stronger, more comfortable, and faster than ever before.


Mountain bikes are made to ride off-road for adventure, fun, and competition. They’re characterized by wide, knobby tires for increased traction on variable terrain, but there is a great deal of variation between models. Hardtail or full suspension? 29er or 27.5”? Aluminum or carbon? From suspension to frame design, finding the bike that’s right for you depends on where you’ll ride and the type of riding you want to do.